Custom slipmat 12" (all-round)

Custom slipmat 12" (all-round)

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  • Full HD color print
  • Printed on our in-house produced 12inch (2,5mm thick) felt slipmats.


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About this slipmat

This in-house produced felt slipmat is 2,5mm thick, and is perfect for either listeners & most of the DJ's.

The slipmat has a slightly harded bottom layer, and gives some extra grip to the platter. If you are a DJ that focusses on playing & mixing records and don't do too much scratching or beat juggling, this is defenitely your pick!

Prefer a slipmat for scratching?
For scratch/turntablism DJ's we advise to choose our in-house produced 12" scratch slipmats. These are 1,5mm thick which helps the needle to lay a little lower & more stable in the groove. Also; the bottom has a very slippery layer which makes it really easy to turn it around. One breeze and the slipmat starts spinning. Ideal technical DJ's who like to push boarders with scratching, beat juggling and turntablism.